Nicole Jacks Joins the Board of Directors to Advocate for Second Chances

Nicole Jacks Joins the Board of Directors to Advocate for Second Chances

Throughout her professional career, managers consistently tell Nicole Jacks one of her best strengths is her ability to find solutions to problems regardless of the circumstances. She was able to lean on those skills when she went into labor. After being turned away from the hospital because she wasn’t far enough along for admission, doctors told her she still had another 24-36 hours to go. Four hours later, she delivered her son on her own as she was rushed back to the hospital. She says amid chaos, she focused on the goal – a safe delivery – and a clear mind and calmness took over.

This is one of the many reasons we’re thrilled to welcome Nicole (Nikki) Jacks to the Youth With Faces Board of Directors. As an Executive Director of Marketing at J.P.Morgan, she brings a wealth of marketing and strategy experience to the organization. Beyond professional experience, Nikki shares an understanding of the societal biases placed on justice-involved youth and a passion for helping them succeed.

Originally from Jamaica, Nikki went to high school and college in the Northeast. Once at college, she realized the grace given to her young adult peers by campus police was not afforded to the black and Latino children from her high school. That never sat well with her, and once she had her son that awareness and passion grew even stronger.

“When I became a mom, I felt a new sense of ownership and protection for all kids. And because my son is black and Latino, I want to do what I can to embrace and address the issues we are faced with in our community,” Nikki said. “I’m excited to work with an organization that is intentional about seeing these children for who they are and not defining them by a mistake they made.”

Nikki was introduced to Youth With Faces through BoardLead, an organization that partners with top companies, professional services firms, and foundations to recruit, place, train, and support talented professionals for high-impact board service in the social good sector.

“At BoardLead, we work to facilitate strong matches between talented, diverse professionals and high-impact, community-based nonprofits to strengthen board service across the nonprofit sector,” said Erin Connell, Senior Program Manager at Cause Strategy Partners and BoardLead. “We find that creating these connections brings about community change as we support nonprofits in fulfilling their missions and drive talent to opportunity. What drives our matches is a passion for the mission – and Nicole shared with BoardLead such a deep, sincere passion for Youth With Faces’ mission and work.”

“When I learned about Youth With Faces, I thought it was a great opportunity to work on a cause that was stirring in the back of my mind. I love that the organization gives second chances to a population that is sometimes not even deemed worthy of a first chance.”

Over the past 12 years, Nikki has worked primarily in marketing and sales strategy roles at J.P.Morgan, and before her time at the firm, she spent six years with General Electric in Product and Account Management. Nikki earned her MBA from Temple University and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from The University of Connecticut. She has a heart for service and has focused her volunteer efforts on serving children, women who have been trafficked, and the homeless.

Nikki looks forward to getting to know the students and meeting them where they are so she can assist in supporting their needs – whether it’s introducing them to a positive role model, linking them to mental health resources, or creating new opportunities for success. As an executive director and diversity and inclusion co-lead at a major financial institution, she hopes to apply her experiences to creating opportunities for Youth With Faces’ students.

“Justice-involved youth are often forgotten or written off. I want people to see them as children who made a mistake, and I want them to receive the same grace that was given to the young people I went to college with, as they are just as deserving of a second chance.”