Building Capabilities

Job prep and skills help youth contribute positively

Building Capabilities

At 16, Charles had no permanent home. His mother, an addict and prostitute, left him and his younger sister to fend for themselves. Charles spent nights on his grandmother’s couch, but otherwise had no supervision and got into serious trouble. But, even with so many odds stacked against him, he was bright, had a good attitude and was eager to learn.

During his time in juvenile detention, Charles enrolled in as many Youth With Faces programs as he could. He completed our work readiness training and the culinary program, earning a safe food handler certificate to boost his employment prospects.

At the end of his time in custody, Charles returned to the same environment. But something was different this time – him.

He got a job at a restaurant, applied himself at school and graduated with honors. Today, Charles is supporting himself and his sister while taking classes at community college. Combining a positive spirit with the right skills, Charles is beating the odds and creating a new future for himself.