How We Help

How We Help

Youth With Faces turns doing time into a time for learning, meeting challenges and planning for the future. By giving incarcerated youth the opportunity to learn and practice the skills needed to create positive futures, we help them return to the community better prepared to beat the odds.

Our programs are designed around foundational skills needed to be capable, contributing members of the community:


Making eye contact, dealing with frustration and disappointment, following through on your commitments – these and other life skills are essential to helping these young women and men make their way successfully after leaving custody. Our team is trained in Social Emotional Learning and models and reinforces social skills daily to teach important lessons in communication, self-control and leadership. Read how the life lessons Marcus learned at Youth With Faces helped him be more patient and less impulsive.


We know if we can get kids back in school or in a job after release, their chances of success are far greater. We teach how to set goals and plan the steps to achieve them through Future You. Employment readiness and training are a cornerstone of our programs, and we help youth secure employment in culinary, retail and other gateway jobs. Read how Charles used skills he learned at Youth With Faces to graduate with honors and get a job to support himself and his sister.


Youth in juvenile custody often come from difficult backgrounds with broken and dysfunctional relationships. We know that providing them with consistent, positive role models who believe in their potential is not just important – it can be transformational. When they see others believe in them, they can begin to believe in themselves. Read more about the positive impact that consistent interactions and high expectations make for youth like Alicia and Michael.