Revolutionizing Reentry: Kristin Kendrick Paves the Way for Equitable Opportunities

Revolutionizing Reentry: Kristin Kendrick Paves the Way for Equitable Opportunities

Youth With Faces is thrilled to welcome our newest team member, Reentry Program Manager Kristin Kendrick. Kristin comes to the agency with over 14 years in case management roles, including extensive experience serving more than 500 justice-impacted youth. 

Before Youth With Faces, Kristin provided case management services to youth enrolled in a community-based work program at Cafe Momentum. When she learned of the new job opening and role at Youth With Faces, she grew excited about the opportunity to work daily inside the juvenile justice facilities and help prepare young people for what is often a challenging transition back home. 

“Reentry support has to begin while a youth is in placement and continue through reintegration and years after their experience in the justice system,” Kristin said. “We have to build trust with each youth so they know they can come to us when faced with personal challenges and receive our support without judgment.”

From a young age, Kristin knew she wanted to create positive solutions for justice-involved youth. “I would see shows on Netflix and wanted to learn what led young people to commit crimes. I knew even then that it starts from the home and how they are labeled in society. So, I decided I would be someone who supports them instead of forgetting about them.”

Kristin went on to study Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi where she dove  deeper into mental trauma and how it relates to generational poverty. She continued her education at Walden University where she received a Master’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies. She is currently three semesters into a doctoral program focused on human social services and social justice. 

In her professional career, Kristin developed a case management system for justice impacted youth that is now being used in other states. She has spent time inside juvenile facilities studying the policies and procedures impacting youth; led workshops for community leaders, educators and parents; interviewed judges about justice reform; and trained other case managers. Through all of these efforts, Kristin breaks down stereotypes to help people understand that a young person’s mistakes don’t define them. 

In her role as Reentry Program Manager at Youth With Faces, Kristin hopes to develop a comprehensive program for Dallas County youth by putting in place the support systems they need to achieve success. She wants each young person in her care to leave juvenile placement knowing they can rely on Youth With Faces, in both the short- or long-term, to help them find jobs and community resources, and break down barriers to education and other opportunities they need to achieve their dreams. 

“Kristin brings a wealth of knowledge and life experiences to our programs that will have life-changing effects on Dallas County youth,” said Chris Quadri, CEO of Youth With Faces. “We couldn’t have found a more capable and passionate individual to energize our reentry program efforts for the hundreds of youth returning home to North Texas each year. We are grateful to have her on board!”